How your cheesesteak orders furfil.

Do I need to cook it?

How do I store it?

Unavailable products.


How your cheesesteak orders furfil.

Your cheesesteak will be prepaired, and iced.

The cheesesteak, cheese and bread will be packaged.

Delivery will be between 30 mins and an hour.




Do I Need To Cook it?


Your cheesesteak will arrive pictured, ready to cook.

Fry for a couple of mins till brown.

Microwave the bread for one minute and finish off at a high heat in the oven while you are frying, open the sub and add cheese,


Sauce as required.



How do I store it

Your box can be left at room temperature for 24 hours


You can keep your cheesesteak in the freezer, cheese in the fridge and bread in the cupboard keeping note of the use by dates.  


Unavailable Products

Unavailable orders will get an update via email.




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